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Industry specific software

In most instances, off-the-shelf software can perform sufficiently and can benefit a business from savings, however, there is often a compromise.

Quite frequently, the off-the-shelf software doesn't quite fulfill the needs, or provides so much additional functionality that the final solution is complicated and confusing. 

Bespoke application development ensures that your specific business requirements are met, in full and without unnecessary over extension.


Development specific to you

The purpose of bespoke software development is to automate, simplify or structure a business process that is either time consuming, repetitive or error prone.   The correct approach is to define the business process requiring automation and to identify the software solution. 

It is a common mistake that the business process is shoe-horned into the capabilities of the software, thus neither meeting the needs of the business nor using the software to its full potential.

Our process starts with a detailed requirements gathering exercise.  This can often highlight potential pitfalls in the business process and enable solutions to be found without affecting the critical path of development.


Rapid Application Development

The process of rapid application development ensures that a working model can be produced at the earliest instance to ensure that the project remains on course to completion.  This helps reduce cost and time from the software lifecycle ensuring that realistic deadlines and budgets are met.

The latest Software Development Environments are utilised to provide the maturity and project integrity demanded for business critical applications.


Development Architecture

We have the capability and expertise to develop across a range of software development architectures including integrated client server application development for Windows ®., and Unix environments:


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